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Man Left Disgusted After Drinking Out of Cockroach-Filled Cup at Detroit Casino




Man Left Disgusted After Drinking Out of Cockroach-Filled Cup at Detroit Casino

A man who was playing at the Greektown Casino in Detroit found cockroaches in the cup that he had already used for soda. [Image:]

An unnerving surprise

A man visiting the Hollywood Greektown Casino in Detroit got a nasty surprise when he had a drink. After playing a few games at the casino last week, Jarome Quinney headed over to the casino’s Pepsi fountain machine to quench his thirst before getting back to the action.

he went straight to the restroom to throw up

After finishing the first drink, Quinney went back for a refill. He suddenly noticed “a whole bunch of roaches” coming out of the cup he had just used. This startling discovery led to a feeling of disgust and he went straight to the restroom to throw up. Quinney doesn’t know if he unknowingly ingested any roaches.

Not very helpful

When he got back to the casino floor, Quinney noticed other patrons drinking out of the same types of cups at nearby slot machines. He believes that these people “most definitely got contaminated.”

The Hollywood Greektown Casino, opened in 2000, is operated by Penn Entertainment. It is one of three casinos in Detroit.

He straight away informed the casino about what happened, but said he didn’t receive a proper explanation. After requesting to talk to someone “important,” Quinney claimed that the casino staff weren’t helpful at all.

Coming to grips with the issue

Local media got in touch with the Detroit Health Department to talk about the matter, which said it plans to carry out a proper investigation. Hollywood Casino confirmed to FOX 2 that it took immediate action following the incident.

no extra evidence or any sign of an infestation

It went so far as to get commercial pest elimination company Ecolab out to the property to examine the area and confirm there was no extra evidence or any sign of an infestation. Penn Entertainment Vice President of Public Affairs & Government Relations Jeff Morris confirmed that the fountain underwent deep cleaning, along with other self-service beverage stations.

This is not the first concerning incident to take place at the property. In July, two people were robbed at gunpoint in separate incidents after winning money at the casino. A massive brawl took place at the property on St. Patrick’s Day in 2022, while a man robbed $578,000 from an armored truck parked outside of the casino a few years ago.

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