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Finnish Gambling Market to Open Up in 2026




Finnish Gambling Market to Open Up in 2026

Finnish Gambling Market to Open Up in 2026

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Finish State owned gambling company Veikkaus is preparing for a new era, and the preparations will continue this autumn. Plans are underway to change the gambling system, with a section of the market opening to competition at the beginning of 2026, as laid down in a recent change to Government policy.

As a result, some of the digital gambling operations online will become part of the international license-based gambling market. However, according to the plans, Lotto and the slot machines will remain under Veikkaus’ monopoly.

“Preparing for the shift in the gambling industry and going international are key to Veikkaus’ growth strategy,” says Veikkaus’ President and CEO Olli Sarekoski.

According to Mr Sarekoski, Veikkaus will make strong investments in new business.

“We are building a future where Veikkaus is Finland’s leading gambling company and a significant operator in the international market,” he says.

Veikkaus’ says it aim is to achieve a sustainable and lucrative business model that will guarantee the company’s competitiveness even in the future. This will also entail changes to the organizational structure, which will be further discussed in the upcoming cooperation negotiations that will be launched in September.

The negotiations will cover almost the entire organization, and a total of 825 members of Veikkaus’ personnel. The negotiations may lead to the termination of employment relations of a maximum of 240 people and to material changes to the terms of employment of a maximum of 195 people will change.

“We want to be competitive in the upcoming license-based market and viable in the monopoly market. That is why we need to make operational changes that cover the whole company,” says Mr Sarekoski.

“The ongoing transition in the gambling industry, together with the change in the system will take Veikkaus into a new era.”

“It will bring with it many parallel changes. We will go through the whole organization from the perspective of lucrativeness and growth. We will also have to make difficult decisions. For some, these changes may mean the termination of their employment relation. We will be caring for and looking after them.” Mr Sarekoski says.

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