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Live Gambling: A New Way to Play




Online casinos have swept the gambling world.

Online casinos have swept the gambling world. New people are interested in checking out an internet slot game or trying their best at a blackjack table online. Due to this new wave of interest in internet gambling, a lot of people are now discovering live casinos. But, what are live casinos, how do they work, and what games can you play live? That is what we are here to explain.


What is Live Gambling?

Live gambling is a subgenre of online casinos, that allows fans to play some of the most popular gambling games in real time, while still enjoying the comfort of one’s home. To put it plainly, when you visit a live casino, you can pick the game you want to play, and the first thing you will notice is that the game is played in the form of a live video call.

The dealer is on the other side of the screen, and they are either dealing out cards, spinning the roulette wheel, or throwing the dice during a game of craps. From the voice chat, the participants in the game can interact with the dealer in real time. In this way, live casinos have managed to capture the essence of a land-based casino, while still maintaining the benefits of online gambling.

How they Work

The basis of live casinos is live streaming. The relatively new tech has made it possible for content creators to interact with audiences in real time, and online casinos have found a way to make use of this new and exciting tech. Thanks to the latest streaming tech developments, online casinos and live gambling are more popular than ever.

In practice, playing at a live casino could not be simpler. Players log into a livestream hosted by one of the dealers. The dealer plays the game with the chat, and the chat (could be text or voice) interacts with the dealer, makes calls, and places bets. While not exactly 1: 1 with the land-based experience, it is the closest thing online casinos have to emulating their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Most Popular Live Casino Games

Usually, slots dominate the casino world. They are the most popular games at land-based casinos and at online casinos. However, live casinos are different. As slots don’t require dealers, the games usually don’t get any attention at live casinos. Instead, people focus on those games that require a human touch, and a face-to-face experience.

Blackjack: by far the most popular game at live casinos, blackjack attracts fans by having a low house edge. It is also incredibly fund.

Baccarat: baccarat is another banking card game, similar to blackjack. It has been played for centuries, and in Asia and Macau specifically, it is the number 1 favorite game.

Roulette: though debates about roulette will likely rage on eternal, the game itself is a staple of both land-based casinos and their live counterparts.

Craps: often, the die serves as a symbol of the casino. Craps is the reason for this. The most popular dice game gets a ton of play at live casinos.

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