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Progressive Wagering Game Roulette Up Debuts In U.S. Online Casinos




Progressive Wagering Game Roulette Up Debuts In U.S. Online Casinos

Every spin of a roulette wheel, whether in a brick-and-mortar casino or via a mobile casino app, promises a rush of gambling adrenaline in one direction or the other.

But for those who crave a little extra action on top of the standard 1/1, 2/1, 9/1, 18/1, or 36/1 payouts, casino table game developer Galaxy Gaming and gaming technology company ODDSworks have introduced Roulette Up for mobile casinos. The game puts a spin on the typical online roulette experience, adding streaks and progressive payouts — at increased risk, of course — to the equation.

Roulette Up is available initially at DraftKings Casino, Golden Nugget, and WynnBET. Some or all of those real-money online casino sites are operational in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, and Connecticut.

How does the game work?

Players can place an optional Roulette Up side bet prior to any spin of the wheel. The first spin establishes a starting number, and the hope for players is to go on a streak of increasingly higher numbers coming up on the wheel.

It takes two consecutive higher spins to turn a profit. So, if the first spin of the wheel brings a 15 and the next spin brings an 18, the third spin must be higher than an 18 or else the player loses their wager.

Working from a base of a $5 side bet, the payouts are $10 if that third spin is a winner, $20 if there’s a successful fourth spin, $100 for five spins, $250 for six spins, $1,250 for seven, and if the streak hits eight spins, the player receives the full progressive jackpot.

Galaxy Gaming posted a demo video to YouTube:

We haven’t crunched all the numbers, but obviously the most common result will be a losing side bet, either on the second or third spin. Casino games, and particularly side-bet games, are not intended to be +EV. But the allure comes in the potential for big money (20x and up) on the occasions when the wheel produces a streak of four or more spins that exceed the previous number.

“We’re thrilled to partner with ODDSworks to introduce some of our best-in-class table games to online players in North America for the first time,” Galaxy Gaming President and CEO Matt Reback said in a press release. “Galaxy Gaming represents the world’s premier collection of table games brands, and this partnership is yet another example of how we are working hard to make our games available to players in casinos, card rooms, and online.”

Galaxy Gaming and ODDSworks indicated they are working to release additional Galaxy Gaming Digital titles soon, including another progressive jackpot game, Split to Double Blackjack.

Photo: Getty Images

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