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Former Nigerian Presidential Aide Calls For Ban On Gambling Apps




Former Nigerian Presidential Aide Calls For Ban On Gambling Apps

Former Nigerian Presidential Aide Calls For Ban On Gambling Apps

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The Former Nigerian media aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, has called on President Bola Tinubu to take decisive action by banning sports betting apps from the App Store of all GSM Internet Service Providers in Nigeria and revoking the licenses of physical sports betting operators in the country. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this call and examine the potential impact of such a ban on the Nigerian economy.

One of the key arguments put forth by Reno Omokri is the link between sports betting and the depreciation of the Nigerian currency, the Naira. Omokri claims that the economic conditions of most Nigerians would improve, and the Naira would strengthen if President Tinubu issues an Executive Order to stop the proliferation of sports betting. Omokri argues that a significant amount of money is leaving the Nigerian economy through gambling, with the majority of it going to countries like Russia, South Africa, and Europe. This outflow of funds has a detrimental effect on the Naira’s value, making it difficult for the currency to sustain its rally.

According to the National Lottery Trust Fund, Nigerians spend approximately $1 billion daily on gambling, including sports betting. The average Nigerian is said to spend $15 each day on various forms of gambling. This massive amount of money leaving the country’s economy has raised concerns about the sustainability and growth of the Nigerian economy. It is alarming to think that more money is leaving Nigeria through gambling than is coming in. This economic drain poses a significant threat to the nation’s economic stability and development.

Beyond the economic implications, sports betting has also been linked to an increase in criminal activities among Nigerian youths. The lure of quick money to fund their gambling habits leads many young people to engage in petty crimes. This vicious cycle perpetuates a dangerous environment where young individuals resort to illegal means to sustain their betting activities. By addressing the gambling epidemic, President Tinubu has the opportunity to tackle not only the economic consequences but also the associated rise in criminal activities.

Reno Omokri believes that President Tinubu, being an accountant, is well-positioned to understand the economic implications of the gambling epidemic in Nigeria. He urges the President to issue an Executive Order authorizing the Nigerian Communications Commission to ban sports betting apps from the App Store of GSM Internet Service Providers in Nigeria. Additionally, Omokri calls for the revocation of licenses for physical sports betting operators in the country. He argues that taking decisive action against sports betting is a more logical move than the recent Twitter ban imposed by President Buhari.

Omokri paints a concerning picture of millions of able-bodied youths wasting their lives away, spending their days engaged in sports betting rather than pursuing productive work. This vision raises questions about the effectiveness of the government’s efforts to provide economic opportunities for its citizens. With President Tinubu’s background in economics, Omokri suggests that it would be irresponsible not to address this matter, which poses a threat to national security and the overall well-being of Nigerian youths.

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