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Facebook,Google,Tik Tok广告代理

Marketing Channels · Facebook unlimited area unlimited industry

2022-12-22 Update

Warning: This resource does not support HUIDU guarantee.Private transactions are high risk. It is personal behavior and beware of deception.HUIDU is not responsible for any transaction disputes.

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Agent name 谷歌 Proxy hierarchy
Delivery caseService Content
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Agent introduction

杭州吾日三省是资深的 Facebook,Google,Tik Tok广告代理商。拥有多位资深优化师,可为客户提供定制化创意素材,凭借专业的投放策略、独特的创意方案和全方位的社会化营销等服务,致力于为中国企业出海提供一站式咨询服务。

Fraud Prevention Reminder

1、Please carefully verify the identity and business qualifications of the counterparty before contacting resource services. Do not trust cheap offers and promises easily.

2、Any behavior of impersonating an official staff member to request prepayment or payment may involve fraud risks. Please be vigilant.

3、The HUIDU platform does not intervene in any transaction process. Please be cautious during the transaction to avoid losses.

4、If you encounter fraudulent activities by someone impersonating a HUIDU staff member, please contact us immediately to verify and report it. If it is confirmed, the account will be permanently banned.

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